Ideas Begin to Brew

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a new blog for a while now, but have been unsure what to focus on. In retrospect, this uncertainty was rather ridiculous, because I am quite clearly obsessed with craft beer and am consonantly boring my friends with my reviews and recommendations. I am sure they will appreciate the fact that I now have a creative outlet into which I might channel this enthusiasm!

If you didn’t know, a few years ago, I used to keep a rather popular comic industry blog called Hypergeek. This site provided me with the opportunity to contribute to comics sites like Newsarama and IGN, and have articles published in 2000 AD magazine and on its website. I also used to work as a marketing copywriter for Western Union and also did quite a bit of freelance writing/editing work for smaller companies.

Sadly, the Hypergeek site was lost when the server it was on died, but I have a back-up stored somewhere. I haven’t done much writing for a while, because I’m not as passionate about comics as I once was and I became a little disillusioned with the industry.

However, my passion for craft beer is still alive and is growing every day!

I began my love affair with beer as a child, when I first tried a sip of bitter in a smoke-filled pub on the Yorkshire dales. It was a forbidden elixir that made my head swirl and my tummy feel funny. It would be in my teenage years when I really began to drink beer in earnest. At this point I would have been drinking cheap crap like Fosters or Stella; anything I could drink in large quantities for a cheap price.

I gained a greater appreciation for brewing at university, where I studied biochemisty and molecular biology. My studies included several fermentation science courses and I found the science behind beer to be absolutely fascinating.

It took moving to Canada for me to really love beer though. One night my ex-wife brought me home a six-pack oh Phillips Hop Circle. I’d never tried an IPA before and while the flavour was at first offensive to me, the rest, as they say, is history. Now I’m a double/triple IPA guy who ages barley wines and goes to every tasting and sampling event I can get to.

I don’t think I can ever drink Fosters again. *shudder*