Strange Fellows is an East Vancouver brewery that opened about a year ago, which states that it is be West Coast crafted and old world inspired.

The brewery has some fantastic beers in their line-up that can be found packaged in most liquor stores, such as their Guardian white IPA, Talisman West Coast pale ale, and Jongleur Belgian-style wit. They also have some incredible seasonal releases that come in bombers like their Boris Russian imperial stout and their Reynard oud bruin (the subject of this review). They also have a few other releases only available on tap, which I’m hoping to try out when I visit later this month, especially the Nocturnum dark IPA. Yum!

Then they have a special fellowship program that allows paying members to gain access to exclusive limited release beers, which is an awesome idea.

For those unfamiliar with the style, an Oud Bruin (old brown), also known as a Flanders Brown, is a Flemish-style beer that is aged for up to a year. After the initial fermentation, it undergoes a secondary fermentation that takes several weeks to a month and then it’s bottle-aged for several more months. This aging process allows residual yeast and bacteria to cause the beer to sour.

Bottle: 750 mlIMG_20161013_014408.jpg

ABV: 6.5%

Price: $13–15


Both villain and hero of the story, Fox is the quintessential trickster, exposing foolishness and greed with an irreverent flick of his tail. This classic Flemish style beer, with its sweet and sour character is a tribute to Fox’s duality.

Aging for one year in French oak barrels lends a subtle woody vanilla note to this tart, cherry-like brown ale.

Tasting notes:


The beer poured out rich tan colour with a couple of millimeters of beige head, which dissipated quickly.

The aroma was of oak, vanilla, cherries, and a touch of whiskey. The first sensation on the tongue was sourness, which soon gave way to the taste of cherries, dates, figs, plums, vanilla, and oak. The spice lingered on the palate long after the first sip.

I have to admit that I’m not well versed in how an oud bruin should taste, but I really enjoyed this beer. Of all of the dark sours I’ve tasted, this is second only to Driftwood’s Obscuritas.

Rating: 4/5