Beer Review: Persephone & Driftwood’s King Tide Saison

What’s better than when one of your favourite craft breweries comes out with a seasonal beer? When two of your favourite breweries collaborate on a limited-release seasonal beer!

Driftwood Brewing of Victoria B.C. and Persephone Brewing of Gibsons B.C. have come together to create a special brew called King Tide Saison, which is the fifth in a series of  collaborations put together by the B.C. Craft Brewers Guild.

The beer is a strong saison, sometimes called a super saison, being a North American take on a Belgian-style beer that is warm fermented with Brasserie Dupont yeast—noted for its spiciness and ester aroma that some describe as smelling like banana or bubblegum.King-Tide-Saison.jpg

Bottle: 650 ml bomber

ABV: 8.6%

Price: $7-8

Description: The Earth, Sun and Moon have aligned to deliver this delicious collaboration! Persephone and Driftwood have joined forces to create this strong, effervescent Saison. Notes of tropical fruit abound from the warm fermentation required by the use of the famous Brasserie Dupont yeast

Tasting notes:

The beer pours out a cloudy amber colour, like an unfiltered pale ale, with a thin white head, which left behind a light lace.

The nose was typical of Dupont yeast—a banana / dried fruit aroma, with a spicy, peppery edge to it.

The palate was rather complex: the yeast provided a hint of the bubblegum flavour I mentioned, with a dry spiciness to it, but then the malt gave it a taste of fresh-baked bread, then there was a slight almond and peppery aspect to it. Definitely a beer that you want to savour and take your time with.

The higher alcohol content certainly makes this saison more “boozy.” I’ve only had one other saison with an ABV this high, which was Four Winds‘s Sovereign Super Saison and this one compares well. Some of the subtly of the traditional saison style gets lost in the mix, but it’s a much more intense experience. It’s like drinking an IPA vs. a pale ale. Not for the feint of heart, but a rewarding experience, all the same.

Rating: 4/5