Phillips Brewing Releases Home Brew Malt and Portofino Maltygrain Bread

14725468_10154569686978954_8128823041452444822_n.jpgI know I post about Phillips a lot, but those guys are always releasing something new!

This week they announced a new collaboration with Portofino Bakery to release the ‘Maltygrain’ Artisan Loaf. The bread is baked using spent grains from Phillips maltworks that have been used to brew a batch of Phillips beer!

That sounds delicious. I just ate a couple of toasted slices, slathered in Marmite, which if you didn’t know is made with spent yeast that
has been used for brewing. I feel like Phillips should now make their own version of the delicious black goo!

T14859881_10209974397572333_5048696627716711079_o.jpghen while I was in the growler room this week, I noticed that they are now selling bags of malted grains from their in-house malting facility, aimed at the burgeoning home brewing crowd. The bags of 2-row pale malt cost $9.20 for an 8lb bag and the grain is sourced exclusively from local Vancouver Island farms.

There is a lot of interest in this grain from the local home brewing enthusiasts, so if you intend to make a trip down to pick some up, I’d call ahead to make sure it is in stock.