Phillips Brings back Trainwreck Barley Wine

Oh, happy day! Phillips Brewing & Malting has announced that they are bringing back a blast from the past: the Trainwreck barley wine. This one has not been available in bombers for a few years now, but was available in the annual Snowcase pack. I still have a couple that have been aging for a few years. ūüôā

This year’s version has been barrel aged in¬†French and American oak. Luckily enough, I have Thursday off so you can bet I’ll be at that tasting!

Press release:

unnamed (2).png

Trainwreck Oak Aged Barley Wine – 10% – 650mL

unnamedNovember 7th, 2016: As your numbed fingers and toes can attest, it’s barley wine season! To celebrate, Trainwreck is once again rolling down the tracks to your local liquor store.¬† Our 10% behemoth is carefully oak aged with French and American oak, stoking this brew full of rich malt flavours and hints of toasted caramel.¬† The mild carbonation of this barley wine allows the silky sweet flavour profile to settle on the palate and linger a little longer on the finish.¬† Trainwreck should be enjoyed at (8C), but at 10% ABV be careful not to derail your caboose.

Trainwreck Oak-Aged Barley Wine is released in a 650mL bottle and available from finer private beer stores for a limited time only.

If you’d like to sample Trainwreck on draft, we are hosting a special tasting at the brewery this Thursday¬† November 10th¬†from 4-6pm.