Ravens Brewing’s Hot Chocolate Porter Returns

Ravens Brewing has announced that it is planning to re-release it’s winter seasonal hot chocolate porter. Sounds like the perfect beer for after my cold, wet, and dark bike rides home from work. 🙂

For Immediate Release:

As the days get shorter and a noticeable bite enters the air, our minds turn to those comforts that get us through this long Canadian winter. Some of them are from our childhood; warm fires, seasonal films and a mug of Hot Chocolate with too many marshmallows. Some of them are new and more representative of a life lived. We still have the warm fires but now they are accompanied by dark French chocolate and rich Porters.

Sourcing chocolate through Wim Tas of ChocolaTas, a Belgian Master Chocolatier who now makes his home in Abbotsford, we have brought past and present together in one glass. Join us on Friday, November 18, as we will be kicking of the nearing winter season with our Hot Chocolate Porter. A robust porter aged on raw cacao nibs with a velvety vanilla finish. We will have giveaways, chocolate from ChocolaTas, and Real Beer floats. We can’t wait to see you.