Driftwood’s Old Cellar Dweller Returns

15109501_10154733263307521_8830548116554108725_nIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! Driftwood Brewery has released a new batch of their Old Cellar Dweller barley wine. This is the ninth annual batch they’ve released and the fourth I’ll be adding to my cellar collection.

This is one of my favourite beers for aging, because the fresh bottles have quite a lot of hop bitterness upfront, which fades away over time as the flavours mature and the beer becomes rich like port.

This year’s batch is 11.2%, which is down a bit from last year’s 11.4%.

Official description:

This ale shows huge malt body, with notes of caramel and toffee, complemented by ample hop bitterness to support it. When young, it is a hoppy treat with plenty of citrus and pine; cellared for a few years and Cellar Dweller gracefully ages into a rich, round reward for patience, hinting at flavours of tawny port.