Advent Beer #2: Smooth Rye’der Rye Lager from Central City

20161203_005352 (1).jpgFrom the bottle:

Brewed with malted rye, the smooth Rye’der is a lager that has an added spiciness to the flavour, this craft brewed lager is smooth on the tongue but offers a bit of a wild ride all the at the same time.

Smooth Rye’der is a rye larger that pours out a rich amber and has a spicy rye malt aroma. The mouth feel was sparkling, with great carbonation for a lager.

I’m not normally a lager fan, but the rye really added a nice spicy taste to this beer and gave it a great dry finish that made it very drinkable. The imagery is very winter-oriented, but this would be perfect for a nice summer evening.

Rating: 3.5/5