Advent Beer #3 Anger Management Angry IPA from Parallel 49

20161204_004919.jpgFrom the bottle label”

“I’m not mad, I’m perfectly calm, I don’t get angry , I’ll have this thing up and running in two weeks, It’ll be dialed right in.”

Anger Management is a North-West IPA that pours out a hazy gold color with a foamy and puffy head.

The aroma is tropical fruit, citrus, and pine. The palate was surprisingly fruity and light for a beer calling itself an angry IPA. The hops are definitely present, but they lend a well-rounded citrus flavour without much bitterness. That’s not a bad thing at all, but the name made me think this was going to be the big brother of P49’s Filthy Dirty IPA.


Rating: 3.75/5