Advent Beer #4: Red Racer Berliner Weisse from Central City

20161205_111444.jpgFrom the bottle label:

Red Racer has cruised through Germany and brewed a traditional styled Berliner Weiss, this mildy sour wheat beer has notes of citrus and a big effervescence, light in alcohol and big in flavour , this is a classic German style brewed the traditional way.

This beer pours out a cloudy pale yellow colour with a small white head. The nose is slightly acidic and has hints of lemon and grain. The mouthfeel is light bodied with medium carbonation and is mildly sour from the lactic acid produced by the mixed yeast and lactobacillus fermentation. The palate is dominated by wheat, citrus, and light tartness.

Overall this is a very refreshing, light beer, that is a great example of the Berliner weisse style. It’s probably a little light for  winter palates, but would be perfect for a warm summer evening.

Rating: 3.75/5