Deep Cove to Release Noël 2016 Belgian Style Ale and Barrel-Aged Akvavit

q7s0vhqrDeep Cove Brewers and Distillers has announced that it has two upcoming releases for the holiday season. The first is Noël 2016, which is Belgian-style ale with rye. The second is a barrel-aged Akvavit, which is a traditional caraway-based Scandinavian spirit.

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NOËL 2016

Every year Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers brews a single batch of Noël. In the spirit of Belgian holiday ales it will be a big, flavourful ale perfect for the winter months. Last year, it was a strong golden ale spiced with yarrow, coriander, and chamomile that was then refermented in bottle with two strains of the wild yeast Brettanomyces. There are still a few bottles left and it has aged extremely well.

This year’s Noël is a strong Belgian style ale that has a healthy dose of rye in the grist. To complement the earthy spiciness of the rye, it was aged on top of black currants and dark cherries. It pours a deep orange showing red highlights and a fleeting, stark white head; the aroma is of dark fruits and a mild earthy spice from the rye, yeast, and the hops; it drinks deceptively lightly for its alcohol content and finishes dry with a pleasant, currant like sweetness. This year’s batch will not be bottled and will be available in growlers and sleeves at our tasting room – as well as a select few accounts. Very little of this beer was made and it will not be reproduced, so treat yourself this holiday season!

ABV: 9.2% ABV
IBU: 23
O.G: 18.7°P
GRIST: Pilsner, Flaked Rye, Flaked Wheat, Dememera Sugar
HOPS: Herkules, Hallertau Tradition
OTHER: Dark Cherries and Black Currants, Belgian Trappist yeast


Barrel aged for one year in a pinot blanc barrel giving this traditional Scandinavian spirit a rich colour and flavor.

Freyja is our take on the traditional caraway based Scandinavian spirit – akvavit. It is a celebratory drink used for special occasions, particularly Christmas. We have added lemongrass, chamomile, and fennel to complement the unique caraway flavour. Put on your favourite reindeer sweater, strap on the cross country skis, and let Freyja keep you warm in the cold winter months. Best stored in your freezer and drunk between courses during winter feasts. Skål!