Powell Brewery to Release Contradiction Dark Sour 2016

15283962_1619969161362022_640841390592568602_nPowell Brewery has announced the release of their latest beer, Contradiction, which is Hallertau Blanc dry hopped dark sour.

This beer is an experiment in contrast and deception. We set out to create a dark ale that pours like a stout, has the aroma of an American IPA, and  a taste that’s juicy and sour. It’s a puzzle that leaves you baffled all whilst craving more.
Tasting notes: Light bodied – Sour – Tropical Fruit – Tamarind
6% abv
10 ibu
Contradiction will be tapped in the Tasting Room on December 10 at 12 p.m. and hitting your select liquor stores on December 12.

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