Advent Beer #7 Lil’ Red Sour Cherry Berliner Weisse from Parallel 49

20161208_211302.jpgFrom the label:

Sometimes you get terrible Christmas presents but our sour cherry Berliner Weisse isn’t one that you’ll have to regift to your bratty sibling.

This beer pours out a dark pink colour with a tiny white head that disspiates quickly and leaves no lacing.

The nose is cherry and biscuit malt with the recognizable odour of lactic acid. The mouthfeel is smooth and slightly tart, but not as tart as a brett sour, with light carbonation and a very sweet finish. The palate is denominated by cherries, sugar, lactic acid, and an undertone of caramel and biscuit from the malt backbone.

I have to hand it to Parallel 49, because they don’t give up! This is the third iteration of this beer, with the original being so poorly received that they completely redid recipe and relaunch it as a much stronger wild cherry sour called Lil’ Redemption. That version was a huge improvement, but this time they went back to the original Berliner Weisse style and improved upon the recipe vastly!

However, I feel like there was a huge missed opportunity here. Central City included a Red Racer Berliner Weisse in this advent calendar, so it would have been really cool to see them collaborated on a Lil’ Red Racer Berliner Weisse.


Rating: 3.75/5