Old Yale Brewing Announces the 12 Days of Beermas

Oh man, this sounds awesome! If you live in Chilliwack, you should definitely head over to Old Yale and check this out!


The Old Yale staff have been furiously working on some experimental recipes over the past few months. Each staff member was given the chance to design and brew their own test-batch of beer with the assistance of our brewmaster, Mike – and we want to share each of our creations with you!

In order to get your hands on these beers, you have to purchase one of these special Holiday Boston Round growlers ($10) – we’re only selling 60 of them! If you don’t have one, you won’t be able to get a growler fill ($9.50/fill) of any of these brews; if you do have one, you can fill one each day (limit 1 fill per person/per day/per beer).

This Sunday at 11AM, the growlers will go on sale, and the first beer will be released (we’ll announce what it is before we open on our social channels). If you don’t want a growler but still want to try each beer, you can grab it in a taster glass or flight paddle.

We will be releasing a new beer each day we are open from this Sunday until Christmas eve. Don’t miss out! We’ve pushed the limits on these beers and your taste buds might not ever forgive you if you don’t participate.