Dageraad’s Irresolution Returns

Dageraad has announced the return of its Irresolution winter ale. This fantastic dark ale is constructed from left-over ingredients and is far more than the sum of its parts. I tried a glass of it at Smiths pub last week and loved it.

Check out what they have to say:

Irresolution is back!

With all the attention we’ve been giving Anno 2016 and the other special bottle releases we’ve had in the tasting room, we’ve inadvertently left another new release out in the cold. Irresolution is now available on draught and in growlers, and is showing up at select bars and restaurants around town.

Last year we came up with a last-minute plan to construct a beautiful little dark abbey-style ale out of bag-ends of malt, leftover hops and a pitch of yeast we weren’t sure what we were going to do with. What came out was a lovely, easy-drinking but characterful little beer, timed to help people through the holidays and convince them to scrap their ill-considered New Year’s resolutions.

This year’s Irresolution is a bit different from last year’s, because we had different bag-ends of malt and different leftover hops. We think it’s even better than last year’s version. It’s a little fruity, a little spicy and a little malty, with a nice whisper of Hallertau Blanc hops in the background. Some leftover oat malt gives it a creamy mouthfeel that will help fortify you against this beastly cold.