Advent Beer Review #14 Red Racer Three Peaks Belgian Tripel from Central City

20161214_222124From the label:

A hard day in the backcountry deserves a beer that is warming to the soul. Candi sugar gives the three peaks a big body, smooth mouth feel, and a warming sensation as it goes down. After a long day chasing the peaks of your local mountains, settle down in front of the fire and soak in the warmth.

This beer pours out a medium amber, with half a finger of beige head that hangs around a while (helped by the chalice I used) but leaves no lacing.

The nose is all Belgian yeast, with ester aromas that bring to mind banana and bubblegum. The palate is dominated by the aforementioned yeast esters, caramel malt, and candi sugar. The mouthfeel is light-to-medium bodied with moderate carbonation and a sweet finish.

I’m a bit of a Belgian beer fan, both actual Belgian beers and Belgian-style beers, and while this is a good strong beer, it’s not a very authentic tripel. It’s more like what someone thinks a Belgian beer should be. It has a touch too much yeast and candi sugar.

I feel like this is a beer that they could get right with some revisions, though.

I also find the name and label confusing. Is this Belgian or Swiss?

Rating: 3.5/5