Phillips’ Coulrophobia Resurfaces as Chucklehead in 650ml Bombers

Phillips has been making their Coulrophobia red ale for a few years now, but they’ve always had a bit of a problem with the name, as very few people were able to pronounce it correctly and even fewer knew that it meant fear of clowns. I even heard different people at the brewery pronouncing it in different ways!

Early this year they ran a competition to let fans rename the beer and in April they announced it was going to be rebranded as Chucklehead.

Then it sort of disappeared for a while as they burned through their stock of six packs with the old label. Well, I’m happy to report that I saw it on sale in a couple of stores this weekend with the new label and in a larger 650ml bomber bottle.

To be honest I prefer the old name. It had way more personality. Oh well…