Advent Beer Review #18 Filthy Dirty Grapefruit IPA from Parallel 49

20161220_000722From the label:

Filthy Dirty Grapefruit I.P.A. is a blend of two of our favourite brands. Our signature west coast IPA is mixed with real grapefruit juice for a sweet but tart beer with a ton of hop flavour and aroma.

Stats: ABV: 7%; IBU: 76

This beer pours out a cloudy orange colour with a small off-white head that leaves no lacing. It looks just like a glass of orange juice.

The nose is very fruity with tons of fresh grapefruit and citrussy hop aroma. The palate follows through with mouth-watering red grapefruit zest flavour complimented by orange and passion fruit from the hops. The mouthfeel is medium-to-heavy bodied and tangy, with moderate carbonation, and a slightly sweet finish.

This beer is basically a mix between the standard Filthy Dirty IPA and the Tricycle grapefruit radler. I’m not usually a huge fruit beer fan, but they did a pretty god job on this one. The grapefruit isn’t overpowering and it has a much better balance than Phillips’ Citricity grapefruit IPA.

I feel like a this would be even more interesting if they took it another step and made it a dry-hopped grapefruit kettle sour. That would be seriously tart!

Rating: 4.25/5