Advent Beer Review #22: Wee Heavy from Central City

20161222_102029.jpgFrom the label:

The Red Racer Wee Heavy is a classic take on the Scottish Style. With a malty-caramel sweetness and smoky finish, this beer is big in flavour and has some momentum behind it. We put our back into this one and are shooting for 300.

Stats: ABV: 8%\

This beer pours out a dark amber-red colour with half a finger of tan head that dissipates slowly and leaves a touch of lacing.

The nose is smoke, caramel malt, brown sugar and some phenolic yeast odours. The palate is bready and caramel malt, treacle, smoke, peat, dark fruit and a touch of yeast esters. The mouthfeel is medium-to-heavy-bodied and rich, with light carbonation, and a slightly sweet finish.


I’ve had a lot of wee heavies in my time and found this one to be pretty average. There’s not enough peat for it to call itself peated, yet the peat is a distraction from the normal style. Then the yeast phenols and esters are not fitting of the style at all.

If you want to try a better example of the style, pick up a bottle of Brewdog’s Dogma. Now that’s a real wee heavy that’s actually brewed in Scotland.

Rating: 3.5/5