Twin Sails Releases Hot Take Zero IBU IPA

Those mad geniuses over at Twin Sails brewing have been releasing some amazing beers lately and have been experimenting with things like their Two Straws milkshake IPA and their dangerously smooth How ’bout That triple IPA. Now they’ve decided to push the boundaries of what is considered an IPA ever further with a 0 IBU IPA!

I’m of the opinion that the IBU system is highly overrated and while it is a good indicator of bitterness, it’s more of a subjective thing and more down to the perception of the individual.

For a while now, craft breweries have been pumping up the IBUs in their IPAs like they were in some sort of contest with each other and while I love my bitter hoppy IPAs, it’s nice to see someone bucking the trend.

Hot Take is our Zero IBU IPA. We managed to achieve this by adding a big dose of lupulin powder to the end of the whirlpool and huge amounts of dry hopping to finish. The big fruity hop aroma hits you first followed by a bright candied tropical fruit character on the palate and then the weirdest part, no bitterness. We are super impressed with how this one turned out and can’t wait to play with this style more in the future.