Strange Fellows Collaborates with Bao Down on Black Sea Oyster Stout

Those wonderful folks at Strange Fellows Brewing in East Van have collaborated with Bao Down restaurant to create their new Black Sea oyster stout.
They used about 100 oysters from Joyce Point Oysters of Sawmill Bay on Quadra Island and say that the beer is light and dry with a subtle briny character and unique viscosity.
I think the beer is only available at their tap room right now, but hopefully it appears on draft somewhere near me! 🙂

Aroma: Maltyunnamed.jpg
Character: Soft & subtle brininess
Colour: Black
Yeast: London Ale
Grain: Roasted & Prairie pale
Hops: Sterling, Cascade
Food: Oysters, Chocolate Cake, Breakfast?
ABV: 4.5%