Twin Sails to Release Slam Dank IPA

A couple of weeks ago, Twin Sails broke pretty much all of the rules of IPA by releasing a 0 IBU IPA called Hot Take. I’ve yet to try it, but apparently it takes like  glass of juice.

While more open-minded people love this idea, a lot of the traditionalists are understandably, a little upset.

So, now Twin Sails has gone completely the opposite direction and released an IPA made with Mosaic, Columbus, and Apollo hops—some of the dankest hops you can get! They double dry hopped it and have made sure it has a light biscuit malt backbone to allow the hops to shine though. Apparently it is super-resinous and has hints of marijuana and tropical fruit.

Holy cow! Their Day-Blink pale ale was a touch dank from the Simcoe hops, so I can’t wait to try this one out!

Bring on the dank!

Slam Dank is our first ventureinto the dank side of IPAs. It is double dry hopped with large amounts of Mosaic, Columbus and Apollo. The light biscuity grain profile allows the dank, hop aroma to be fully showcased in this beer. Expect big resinous, earthy, marijauna like aromas to be dominant with a hint of candied tropical fruit on the palate to balance it out. We have 40 cases available in the tasting room, max 1 case per and we’ll have it on fills for today only. If any cases are left after the weekend, they’ll be hitting stores late next week.