Dageraad to Release 2017 Batch of Londen Porter

DAG_002_16.jpgDageraad Brewing in Burnaby BC has announced the 2017 release of their Londen porter. That’s not a typo. 🙂

Londen is  Canadian take on a Belgian rendition of an English porter

They describe the beer as being “richly roasty with an underlying minerality, Londen marries deep licorice tones to the soft fruitiness of our Belgian yeast. With a full, creamy mouthfeel and elevated carbonation, Londen is designed to leave you wondering if you’re in London or in Antwerp.”

Londen is available in bottles and on tap at the Dageraad tasting room this weekend, and it will be shipping to stores next week.

Alcohol per volume: 7.0%
Volume: 650ml bottle, 29.3L keg
Ingredients: Malted barley, oats, triticale, sugar, spices, hops, yeast, water

Imagine an English porter. Now imagine a Belgian brewer reimagining an English porter. Now imagine a couple of Canadian brewers imagining how a Belgian brewer would reimagine an English porter.

Combining the light roast and rich malt of an English porter with the fruity, spicy mystery of a Belgian fermentation, Londen is your new favourite beer this winter.

Londen is fermented with Belgian yeast and bottle-conditioned for natural carbonation, and an extra layer of complexity.  Pour with care to leave the yeast sediment in the bottle.

Silver – Specialty Beer – 2016 BC Beer Awards