Beer Review: [EP°K] from Trou de Diable

img_20170122_010131What I love about Trou du Diable, apart from their amazing beer, is the always amusing English translations on their bottles. They never quite make sense butalways make me smile!

Concoction deep in colour with a mocha foam and a nose presenting espresso and funky tobacco aromas. These strong notes on the palate are enlivened by herbal hints with a pleasant reminiscence of cedar, green tea and orange chocolate. The finish engages in a long bitter tirade, which induces in the taster a truly epic, exhilarating state of satisfaction.

This divine beverage, created with legendary ingredients, is said to have mythical effects. Designed jointly with Dance Laury Dance, it was brewed at the Trou du diable itself and cemented into the rock. It has been said that Thor uses it as a shampoo, that Bacchus adores it, and that Damoclès uses it to clean his sword. This beer is designed for the gods of rock, the demigods of the mop, and for all of those who dream of Homeric adventures.

  • Style: Strong stout IPA
  • Stats: 6% ABV; IBU: NA.

Tasting notes:

This beer pours out a deep black colour, exactly like a stout, with a finger of foamy cream-coloured head that lasts a few minutes and leaves gentle receding lacing patterns.

The nose has notes of toasted malt, chocolate, coffee, with a touch of citrusy and piney hops. The palate is mostly dominated by the malt, with some nuttiness, chocolate, coffee, and tobacco, which is supported by a backbone of sharp grassy and citrusy hops. The mouthfeel is full bodied and smooth with a slightly sweet but bitter finish.

When I saw this beer labeled as a “strong stout IPA,” I assumed that was just a bad translation and this was a really a black IPA / Cascadian dark ale. I was pretty surprised to found this was actually way more of a stout than an IPA. This is to a stout what the black IPA is to the standard IPA, if that makes sense.

It was certainly an interesting and new experience. I was expecting far more hops, so it was pretty jarring at first; however, once I got over the initial shock and started to think of it as a stout instead, the flavours began to sing to me. However, I still think it could have done with a touch more hops.

Bonus point for this beer having my exact initials: Edward Peter Kaye!

Rating: 3.75/5