Malfunction at Dageraad Causes Loss of This Year’s 10° and More

10155677_402564689884434_1570318738443323815_n.pngSad news from Dageraad Brewing in Burnaby today. In a statement on their Facebook page they have announced that a malfunction in their new bottle conditioning room has affected the quality of several batches of beer they had stored there, meaning that they will have to destroyed.

The largest casualty of this disaster is the entirety of the 2017 batch of their 10° quad; however, they also lost half of this year’s batch of their Londen porter, as well as a number of palates of their Brune dubbel and Burnabarian table beer.

It’s unclear what the nature of the malfunction was, but I would assume it was something to do with the temperature control.

It seems that the loss will not be covered by their insurance, so they will have to eat the cost themselves, which is a big burden for a  small craft brewery.

So I urge you all to get out there and buy as much Dageraad beer as you can to help support these guys!

They just brewed a new batch of their Sri Lanka dubbel and are getting ready to launch another year-round beer, so keep your eyes peeled and grab them when they come out.



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