Parallel 49 to Release 2017 Batch of Rye the Long Face Imperial IPA

RYE_LONGFACE_INSTA.jpgParallel 49 Brewing in East Vancouver has announced the release of a new batch of their Rye the Long Face imperial rye IPA.

Originally released in 2015 as a one-off, this virile stud was put out to pasture for a couple of years, but now they’re opening the stable door once again… sorry, I’ll stop. 😉

Using bales of American hops and cart loads of rye resulted in this bright golden-orange ale. With fruity notes of peach and orange atop spicy rye malt, this flavorful brew promises of summer while keeping you warm through the spring.

8.5% ABV 86 IBU 650ML BOTTLES, DRAUGHT 6-8 ° C
It should be cantering into stores over the next couple of weeks, but make sure to grab a bottle before it bolts.
Note: The P49 tasting room is currently closed for renos, so don’t go there to get one.