Twin Sails to Release Second Batch of Two Straws Milkshake IPA with Refined Recipe

16387898_629204637280495_6377660845663505942_n.jpgTwin Sails in Port Moody BC has announced the release of a second batch of their popular Two Straws milkshake IPA.

Being the perfectionist they are though, they decided to refine and improve upon the already amazing recipe. This time they used over 200 lbs of mango and pineapple purée, included two new hop varieties, and made a couple of process tweaks to the recipe to lighten the body a bit and brighten the hops aromas.

Only very limited quantities of this release will be available, with only six cases being shipped out to liquor stores in Vancouver. Your best best is probably heading down to the brewery tasting room on Saturday and grabbing some.