Driftwood Releases Singularity 2017

The beer of infinite density is back! Driftwood has announced the release of the 2017 vintage of their Singularity Russian imperial stout.

This is the 7th annual release of Singularity and I think the 5th that I will have tried. I still have bottles going back two years. It’s an amazing RIS.

They say that this year’s has been conditioned for three months in authentic Kentucky bourbon barrels. This aging process adds warming notes of bourbon and oak that push this Russian imperial stout beyond the event horizon. The result is a beer of infinite density and depth of character. At 13.2% Singularity 2017 will be a prized addition to any beer cellar.

Singularity hits select stores around victoria and Vancouver this weekend with full distribution next week. This extremely limited release will only be available in BC.