Ravens Brewing to Release 2017 Batch of Dry Irish Stout

Ravens Brewing in Abbosford BC has announced the release of a new batch of their season Irish Dry Stout. Check out the details below:

Inspired by the traditional Stouts or Ierland, our Dry Irish Stout stays true to our mandate of making European inspired sessionable craft beer. Last year was a breakout year for our Dry Irish Stout. After winning Best Stout at Penticton’s Fest of Ales it went on to win second place in the Stout category at the BC Craft Beer awards.

Dark roasted flavors are at the forefront of our Dry Irish Stout. A smooth, enjoyable balance between a slight espresso character and a crisp bitterness, with a pleasant dry finish. Our take on a pub classic, and an excellent addition to any wet coast adventures you come across.