Bridge Releases Rye-Cycle ESB

20170203_022648_001.jpgBridge Brewing in North Vancouver has released a new extra special bitter called Rye-Cycle.

Bridge is a very environmentally conscious company and one of its initiatives is to be 100% waste fee. To that end, they repurposed amazing but unsold bread which was destined for the landfill to create this unique ESB.

Ukrainian rye bread, black Russian bread, and quinoa barley bread was added to the mash for this beer to create a bready spice character. The palate is said to feature rye spice along with a toasty malt character.

I have to say, I really admire their ingenuity and environmentalism here. I have a bottle in the cupboard and will be sure to let you know what I think.


  • 6.5%
  • 44 IBU
  • 650 ml


  • North Shore water
  • Pale malt + rye malt
  • Crystal 80+60 malt
  • Dextrine malt
  • Victory malt
  • Munich malt
  • EKG hops
  • Russian black bread
  • Quinoa barley bread
  • English Ale yeast

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