Twin Sails Adds Street Legal IPA to Their Regular Line-up

16473871_632312746969684_6398304173463150986_n.jpgFor the past few months, Twin Sails Brewing in Port Moody have been releasing a lot of amazing and often experimental beers. Several of these have been IPAs, like their Space Armadillo double IPA with Sacc. Trois, How ’bout That triple IPA, Juice Plus Citra IPA, Hot Take 0 IBU IPA, and Tone Def double IPA with blood orange.

Strangely enough, they’ve never had a full-time IPA in their line-up. All that is about to change though, with the release of Street Legal.

They say that Street Legal has a little something from each of the canned releases, “the malt character was kept light to showcase the double dry hopping of Simcoe, Columbus and Falconer’s Flight. The body is big and creamy, the way an IPA should be, and the aroma and flavour are the perfect mix between fruity and dank. Though the best part is, that even at 6.5%, this beer is extremely crushable!”

They will be tapping it on Friday, Jan 10 at 4 pm for glasses and growler fills, with no limits. Hopefully the end up bottling it, or I make it out to Port Moody one day.