Beer Review: Tone Def Double IPA from Twin Sails and Boombox

20170205_192420If you’ve read this blog before, you will know that I love Twin Sails Brewing. They’ve only been around just over a year and they are already putting out some of the best beer in BC.

This new release sees them collaborate with one of my favourite new breweries—Boombox, who brew out of the Callister co-op in East Van. These guys makes phenomenal beer and I always try to head by and try out everything new whenever I pass through Vancouver. Their beer is so good, that while they’ve been around less than a year, they are already winning BC Beer Awards.

When I heard they were brewing together, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the result. Cans just started making their way to Victoria this week, but I managed to find it on tap at The Drake last week. Here’s what I thought…


This North East style double IPA was brewed with 500 lbs of blood orange purée and 2 L of fresh blood orange zest on top of an already massive amount of hops. They then double dry hopped with huge amounts of Citra, Amarillo, and Azacca hops to amplify the citrus juiciness of the aroma and flavour.

  • Style: Double IPA
  • ABV: 8%
  • IBU: 60

Tasting notes:

This beer pours a very hazy orange-amber hue, with a finger-and-a-half of foamy, almost creamy, head that lasts for several sips before breaking up and leaving lots of stringy lacing patterns.

The nose is dominated by the aroma of oranges, with lesser notes of grapefruit, tropical fruits, pine, and biscuit malt. The palate tastes almost exactly like the aroma, with the citrus and tropical fruit notes of the hops and the flavour of the blood orange puree playing off each other wonderfully to make it taste like a glass of fruit juice.

The mouthfeel is medium bodied, and smooth, with moderate carbonation. The finish is sort of off-dry, with the sweetness of the fruit being tempered by the dryness of the alcohol.

All in all, this beer tastes like drinking a freshly-squeezed glass of orange juice. Even the mouthfeel felt a little thinker than a normal IPA, but maybe that was just my imagination. This beer hides it’s 8% ABV dangerously well and you would have no idea it was 60 IBU if it wasn’t written right on the can—I would have perceived the bitterness to be around 20 maybe!

This is a wonderful example of an East Coast double IPA and a great combination of the styles of both breweries. Make sure to grab some cans if you see them, because this is a insanely juicy and delicious IPA.

Fun fact: Strictly speaking, this is batch #2, as the first batch didn’t come out quite how they were hoping, so they poured it out and started again. Now that’s dedication to quality.

Rating: 4.5/5