Phillips Brewery Expands into Neighbouring Heritage Building

unnamed-1The Times Colonist newspaper has revealed that Phillips Brewing has bought the historic Francis Rattenbury designed brick building that neighbors their backyard in the Rock Bay industrial district of Victoria.

According to the article, they plan to use the 16,000 square foot space as the their new wholesale distribution centre, taking over from their old one located several blocks away.

Phillips has been expanding greatly over the last year or so, with the addition of an in-house malting plant to their facility, the addition of a second brew house, and now consolidation and expansion of their distribution center. It feels like they are gearing up to increase output and begin shipping beyond BC and Alberta. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Blue Buck et al. on shelves in Manitoba and Ontario by this time next year!

In related news, it looks like there are renovations underway in in the former Nirvana Pet Spa building located right next to the current Phillips retail store and tasting bar. The rumour is that it’s going to be converted into an expanded tasting room.

Their current tasting room is not allowed to sell pints or even tasters, so hopefully if this rumour comes to fruition visitors will be able to pop in for a quick pint and maybe even a bite to eat? No where else in Victoria really offers this, so that would be pretty cool.