Moon Under Water Releases 2017 Batch of Victorious Wiezenbock

moon-under-water-brewpub-victorious-weizenbock_1477339585.pngMoon Under Water has released a new batch of their Wiezenbock winter seasonal. This strong wheat beer is like an amped up dunkle weizen, with tons of spicy clove phenols and bubblegum esters. It’s a really nice winter warmer!

It’s available at Moon Under Water and select private liquor stores now.

Vic-to-ri-ous: Envincing moral harmony or a sense of fulfillment. Our pride and joy. Canadian wheat, German Munich, and Pilsner malts, plus a little Chocolate malt combined together in an open fermentaton. Fruity New Zealand hops compliment the melanoidins, spicy clove-like phenols and bubblegum esters. Rouse the yeast before serving or risk offending the brewing gods.

8.2% ABV


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