Steel & Oak and Dageraad Release The Suburbs IPA Collaboration

Steel & Oak have never brewed an IPA before, and neither have the guys at Dageraad, but since Dageraad won a gold medal at the 2016 BC Beer Awards for brewing a Belgian IPA, they figured they’d get together and give the plain-old non-Belgian IPA thing a try.

The Suburbs IPA launches at the Steel & Oak tasting room in New Westminster today and will start popping up at liquor stores next week. There will also be a launch party at 12 Kings pub this Friday.

Remember those sweatpants that said “Juicy” on the bum? Well we made this beer wearing those sweatpants while chewing Juicy Fruit gum and enjoying a thirst quenching Nestle Juicy Juice with Juicy by Notorious B.I.G. playing in the background. In between Internet searches for the word “juicy” we threw a bunch of Simcoe, Mosaic and Citra hops in this style of beer you kids are so crazy about. The juice is definitely loose in The Suburbs IPA!

6.0% ABV / 48 IBU