Parallel 49 Adds Bodhisattva to Their Year-Round Line-Up

Parallel 49 Brewing has announced that its seasonal favourite Bodhisattva is going to become part of their regular line-up and will be available year round.

This dry-hopped kettle sour first appeared in the 2015 Craft Crossing advent calendar and was then released as a limited-run of 650 ml bombers shortly after. Some say the bomber release wasn’t as good as the 2015 release and blame it on the change of hops; however, when it appeared in the 2016 Craft Crossing advent calendar, it was far better then either of the previous versions, so hopefully they stick with that recipe.

I did a full review of the 2016 version here and thought that the tropical fruit flavour was exquisite and the dry hopping added a subtle bitterness that offset the sourness. The sourness was on the light side, this being a kettle sour, which made it very quaffable.

It should be available at select private liquor stores in BC this week and in Alberta next week. This in itself is interesting, because all of their previous releases have been available at government stores.