Fernie Brewing Releases Barrel Aged Maple Porter and Irish Red Ale

Fernie Brewing has announced the release of its first barrel-aged beers. Last year, they procured a number of wine barrels from Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery, a boutique winery in nearby Creston, BC and decided to use them to age their award-winning Sap Sucker Maple Porter and Big Caboose Red Ale.

The red ale will only be available on tap at select locations across BC, but the maple porter has been bottled  in 650ml bombers and will be available at select government and private liquor stores across BC.

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Before winter disappears for good, we’ve set out to deliver one last ode to powder days followed by a fireside porter, a final hurrah for a season well spent. It all began one year ago, when we started out on our quest to create the perfect barrel aged beer. The process began with two of our award-winning beers, Sap Sucker Maple Porter and Big Caboose Red Ale. Each beer was placed in barrels from Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery, a boutique winery in nearby Creston, BC where everything from farming to picking and sorting is done by hand. The barrel aging process allows oak characteristics from the wood along with the unique flavours of the wine to infuse into the beer and together create an unparalleled taste. Barrel aged beers are the start of something new for Fernie Brewing and we are excited to slowly increase our barrel aged program moving forward.

Barrel Aged Maple Porter

To create the unique blend of flavours in the Barrel Aged Maple Porter, Sap Sucker was aged in Pinot Noir Barrels for 12 months. The Barrel Aged Maple Porter is unmistakable, with strong notes of berries and dried fruit combined with the dark, robust flavour of Sap Sucker Maple Porter.

Once the beer had the stamp of approval from Head Brewer, Jeff Demaniuk, it went on to be bottled in 650ml bottles. A fresh new label was designed for this limited release beer to make it stand out as the distinguished beer that it is. Once the labels were on, each bottle was carefully wax dipped before heading out the door to be enjoyed by our customers.

The official launch of the Barrel Aged Maple Porter is this Friday, February 24, 2017. It will be available for a limited time on the seasonal tap in the tasting room and in bottles while quantities last. You don’t want to miss out on this incredible beer, so mark your calendars to head down to the tasting room for a glass on Friday between 10am-8pm.


For those outside of Fernie, you can still get your hands on this unique Barrel Aged Maple Porter. Check out the link below to find where you can get some near you:

The Barrel Aged Irish Red Ale is also available in very limited quantities on tap at select locations in BC.