Powell and Four Winds Release American Farmhouse IPA Collaboration

Powell Brewing in East Vancouver and Four Winds Brewing in Delta BC release their brand new collabeeration today, February 27.

Called simply American Famhouse IPA it is described as being a hybrid style ale fusing a traditional Belgian farmhouse ale with a new world East Coast IPA.

It’s being delivered to local liquor stores today and they also have a limited amounts available at the Powell Brewing and Four Winds tasting rooms for $13.75 for  4-pack tall cans (tax included). It will also be available by the glasses and for growler fills while supplies last.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The traditional qualities of a Saison come through with notes of pepper and spice while the American hops balance it out offering intense tropical fruit, berries, melon and a hint of black tea.

  • Ingredient: Belgian and American Yeast. Pilsner and Wheat Malt. Enigma, Halltertau Blanc, and Idaho 7 hops.
  •  ABV: 6.8% abv
  • IBU: 30





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