Twin Sails Releases Lush Crush Oat Pale Ale and Str8 Flexin’ Imperial Stout

It’s getting hard to keep up with the brewers at Twin Sails. I’m pretty sure they don’t sleep and are living on reserve stock of their Con Leche coffee milk stout!

I just got a 4-packs of Big Boy Pants today and High-Socks is hitting stores right now. They are brewing these faster than I can drink. Ask my friends, that is saying something!

This week sees two new canned releases. First up is Lush Crush, an oat pale ale that will widely available. Then their Str8 Flexin’ imperial stout is finally ready—this one is extremely limited, so I’m really hoping I can get my hands on some over in Victoria!


Lush Crush is a Pale Ale brewed with 60% malted oats. Even clocking in at 3.8% ABV, this beer is definitely not short of body. The oats give this beer a silky mouthfeel while a generous hopping of Citra and Apollo provide a complex hop aroma & flavour reminiscent of a big IPA.
No case limit, on for growler fills this weekend.


Str8 Flexin’ is our biggest to date and it certainly stands up to the title. Weighing in at a massive 11% ABV, Str8 Flexin’ is about as big as an Imperial Stout gets. The body is BIG and the carb is low leaving the mouth feel silky and rich. Huge aromas of chocolate fudge on the nose and balanced roasted espresso and vanilla flavours round out the palette. We suggest aging for 6-8 months to allow some of the alcohol flavours to mellow out more, but if you’re feeling thirsty, this beer is ready to drink as is.

This beer is very limited so not many flats will make it out to stores so if you’re looking to grab some this weekend, we suggest coming early.

2 case max per person, no growler fills.