Field House Collaborates with Brassneck to Brew Ale Fermented with Wasp Gut Yeast

Yes, you read that right!

For the second edition of their Coolship collaboration series, Field House Brewing has collaborated with Brassneck Brewing to produce something truly unique.

Called Wild Brett Wasp Sour, this sour and floral wild ale was fermented with yeast harvested from a wasp’s gut, and finished with Brett. The beer was then left overnight in their copper Coolship with elderflower and hops, allowing the beer to collect microflora and fauna from the cool pacific night air, while naturally bringing it down to fermentation temperatures.

Sure, Brett and elderflower are both interesting additions, but they had me at wasp gut yeast. I’d not heard of thie before, but a quick Google search let me know that this is something that Brassneck has tried before.

I shall be interested to try this one!