R&B Brewing Brings Back Lavender Saison for 2017

7c5d447e-ccd4-4a10-bf0b-1546cc26bf73.jpegR&B Brewing in East Vancouver has announced the return of the Lavender Saison from their Mt. Pleasant series of limited seasonal releases.

The beer uses French and Belgian yeast strains to give it spicy and earthy notes along with subtle floral notes from infused French culinary lavender.

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EAST VAN: The first signs of spring are late this year, but the annual release of this seasonal favourite, will hopefully mark the end of winter. The R&B Brewing team re-created this brew from the success of last year’s recipe where they crafted this unique take on the traditional Belgian style. With only subtle changes in the type of lavender, this brew will be as refreshing and interesting as last year’s brew.

“It’s a delicious beer that combines spicy and earthy notes from French and Belgian yeast strains, with a subtle citrus and lavender flavour,” Hughes said. “The subtle floral notes come from infused French Culinary lavender, and make this a refreshing and interesting saison.”

R&B Brewing Co. first released this brew last year as a celebration of spring, and for the opening of their new Ale & Pizza House. Rod Hughes, head brewer mentions, “When we first released the Lavender Saison in March 2016, we knew it was unique but didn’t know how people would react to it. We brewed a small batch and it sold out quickly — we ended up brewing two more batches.”

BEER STATS: ABV: 5.7% IBU: 21 SRM: 4
STYLE: Saison

TASTING NOTES: Subtle floral notes of French culinary lavender combine with spicy notes from a blend of Belgian and French yeast strains. Best served in a Belgian Tulip glass.

LIMITED DISTRIBUTION SEASONAL RELEASE: This Mt Pleasant Limited Release Lavender Saison is slated to be released today. It will be available for growler fills and in 650ml bottles at the brewery, and in 650 ml bottles at selected private liquor stores. For full sales information or to order please contact Lundy at: orders@randbbrewing.com.

For more information about R&B Brewing Co. please email Leslie Fenn at lfenn@howesound.com or visit our website: www.randbbrewing.com