Twin Sails Makes Dat Juice a Year-Round Can Release

People used to call Phillips the brewery with the shortest attention span, but Twin Sails Brewing in Port Moody has definitely stolen that title from them in recent months, and then some.

Recently, they have been putting out a new 4-pack can release nearly every week—sometimes even two! This is great for beer nerds like me, but hard for liquor stores to keep up, as they always sell out within a day or so.

They do have 6-packs of their Pilsner and Heffeweizen regularly available, but the beer they have the most demand for is their Dat Juice Citra pale ale. Now, after four revised recipes, they are finally making it a full-time release.

Brewed with large amounts of flaked and malted wheat, then heavily hopped with 100% Citra hops, Dat Juice pours a cloudy pale straw colour and has bright aromatics of grapefruit, pineapple and mango. It’s almost like drinking a fresh glass of orange juice.

Cans will be released at the Twin Sails tasting room on Saturday and will be heading to stores next week.

Word on the street (see what I did?) is that their Street Legal IPA, which is regularly available on tap in their tasting room, will be the next addition to their year-round can line-up. Stay tuned for more info!
Dat Juice

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