Dageraad Releases 2017 Version of Sri Lanka

17349822_847252555415643_4949883366198907192_o.jpgDageraad Brewing in Burnaby BC has announced that the 2017 edition of Sri Lanka is now available in their tasting room and started shipping to stores this week.

For those unfamiliar with the beer, Sri Lanka is a cultural mash-up that marries the tropical flavours of Sri Lanka with a traditional Belgian dubbel. Instead of the standard Belgian candi sugar, they brew the beer with tamarind fruit and kithul jaggery, which is a sugar extracted from the kithul palm tree that is native to Sri Lanka.

Apparently, the initial idea for this beer came from founder & head brewer Ben Coli’s brief obsession with tamarind candy and from brewer Mitch Warner’s status as an honourary Sri Lankan (by marriage), which led to his discovery of an obscure Sri Lankan sugar.

For this third annual batch, they made a few recipe tweaks, including switching from kithul treacle to kithul jaggery*, which is another form of the palm sugar used to boost the alcohol and provide a hint of sweetness to the beer. They also experimented with a new method to extract a little more flavour and tartness from the tamarind.

I had the chance to try this year’s batch on tap at The Drake Eatery last week and think that this is the best version yet. The taste is very subtly different from last year’s batch, but true beer geeks like me will be able to appreciate the improvement.

Alcohol per volume: 7.5%
Volume: 650 mL bottle, 29.3L keg
Ingredients: Malted barley, wheat, sugar, kithul treacle, tamarind, hops, yeast, water

*To make jaggery, the kithul sap is boiled passed the point that produces treacle. The product is then poured in to coconut shells to give it a unique shape. Jaggary is a type of candy.