Evil Beer Review: Son of the Morning 2017 by Driftwood Brewery

Sonofthemorning.jpgDeep in the bowels of Driftwood brewery lurks a collection of sinister equipment, adorned with pentagrams and inverted crosses. Rumour has it that the equipment is possessed and anyone who brews on it is never the same again. Not even a young priest and an old priest can save their souls.

However, once a year, their bravest and most foolhardy brewer dares to venture into the darkness, where they brew up a batch of the world’s most evil beer: Son of the Morning!

Who needs a soul when you have great beer?



A strong beer with a devilish name, following the Belgian tradition of giving this style of beer a satanic moniker. Also a tribute to metalheads everywhere \m/. Dry, effervescent, and deceptively drinkable.

Thou fallen fiend, bringer of light and death,
The word made fleshless, ripp’d at toothèd breath.
Though slave’d on high, inferno thou dost reign
In bloodless blood and crown of baphometh.
Return, O shining one, O Helel Ben Shahar,
Son of the Morning, rise again!


  • 650 ml bomber bottle
  • 10% ABV

Tasting notes:

This beer poured out a clear golden hue, with a finger of foamy white head that dissipated quickly and left a light ring of lacing.

The nose was rich with Belgian yeast character: spicy phenol notes of pepper, clove, and coriander, accompanied by fruity ester notes of pear, apple, and orange. There was also a light aroma of perfumy floral hops, and soft perfumy alcohol.

The palate was a great blend of the aforementioned fruity esters, peppery phenols, spicy hops, and soft, sweet alcohol. Everything is balanced by a bready and doughy malt backbone.  The finish was dry with a touch of lingering biterness from the hops and the yeast phenols.

The mouthfeel was medium bodied and smooth with moderate, effervescent carbonation. As you’d expect from a 10% beer, there was a lot of alcohol warmth.

This is a decidedly North American take on a Belgian Strong, the spicy phenols and and hop bitterness are a little bit more prominent than in a more traditional example like Duvel, but we are talking about a beer called Son of the Morning that has an invocation to Satan on the label, so I’d be mad if it was all light and fruity!

This is not a beer for the faint of heart. With an assertively spicy palate and 10% ABV, this is a big and bold beer worthy of the lightbringer himself. If drinking consecrated wine is like drinking the blood of Christ, then this unholy beer is like drinking the blood of Lucifer himself.

Overall Rating: 6.66/6.66

Serving temp: 12-14C

Music pairing: Behemoth, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Deicide, Rotting Christ, Morbid Angel

Glassware: Chalice, tulip, the skull of your enemy