Driftwood Releases Belle Royale Kriek 2017

Driftwood Brewery in Victoria BC has announced the return of their fan-favourite Belle Royale kriek.

First brewed back in 2013, Belle Royale is a Belgian-style kriek, which is essentially a cherry lambic, or wild fermented ale. They say this one was brewed with a massive dose of Morello cherries, complementing the cherry pie notes imparted by Brettanomyces bruxellensis and giving it a rich red hue. It was then aged for a year in used French oak wine barrels. The result is a complex-yet-dry sour beer with layers of fruit and funk.

Belle Royale starts hitting shelves in Victoria this week and the mainland next week.

Make sure to pick up a couple of bottles, because this one ages incredibly well.

Also check out the artwork and poem from the side of the bottle:

Her Highness fell, under the cherubs’ charm, in love
With her own royal arborist, but high above
The Reach of hands unregal, there the love did stay,
Becoming sour to the pit each passing day,
Until, its potion brewed and drunk, the change occurred —
The arborist transformed into a royal bird!