Steel & Oak Releases 2017 Batch of Blackthorn Strong Ale

Steel & Oak Brewing In New Westminster has announced the release of a 2017 batch of their Blackthorn strong ale.

Blackthorn is a strong ale fermented with Burton Ale yeast—a type of yeast that is known to create jammy and dark fruit notes. It was first developed in 2015 and half the batch was made available on tap exclusively in the S&O tasting room, while the other half was put into Caribbean rum barrels, had wild yeast added to it, and became the beer known as Tortuga.

Blackthorn is said to have notes of dark sweet cherry, raisin, and plum jam—perfect for these early spring rainy days.

While the first batch was a draft-only release, bottles of this one will be shipping out to select liquor store in Vancouver, the Island, and the interior next week.