Strange Fellows Releases Czarcasm Russian Imperial India Session Ale (!?)

the-czarAre you tired of strict BCJP classifications of the beers you are drinking? Tired of wondering where your hazy East Coast IPA falls when all they list is American IPA?

Well, so is Strange Fellows Brewing… sort of. For their latest Tap-only release they have brewed a beer called Czarcasm, which they describes as a Russian imperial India session ale.

What on Earth is that, you might ask? Apparently it’s a fruity session IPA, dry-hopped with Vic Secret and Mosaic hops. Why the Russian imperial? Why not? Those Russian Czars loved a good session IPA, right?

OK, to be serious for a moment, it’s probably a clever nod towards the stories about how the high ABV IPA and Russian imperial stout were brewed by the English for export to foreign lands. Get a drink in me and I’ll tell you all about it

Find it on tap at the Strange Fellow tasting room and hopefully select bars and restaurants.


  • Aroma Fruity, Soft Resin
  • Character Super Session-Ale & Hoppy
  • Colour Golden
  • Hops Vic Secret & Mosaic
  • Malt All Maris Otter
  • Yeast Conan

If you dont think Russian Imperial India Session Ale should be a recognized beer style then you are just way too sensible. At just 3%, this fruity and citrusy Session IPA begs for sunshine. Dry hopped with Mosaic and the Aussie Vic Secret hop varieties, it is fruity, softcitrusy and infinitely drinkable.

  • Pairs With…Sunshine, pizza & hamburgers
  • Available in…On Tap