Powell Brewery to Release Ode to WallFlower Pale Ale Aged in Odd Fellows Gin Barrels

Powell Brewery in East Vancouver has announced the release of their Ode to Wallflower pale ale.

This special release is collaboration with East Van neighbour Odd Society Spirits. For this one they took their Ode to Citra Pale Ale and aged it in Odd Society’s Wallflower Gin barrels to produce a botanically charged, slightly oaked, and incredibly delicious version of the Citra hopped ale.

I have already tried this beer and it is quite wonderful. The gin and oak notes play really well with the citrus notes from the hops. It’s almost like drinking an oaked gin.

Bottles will be release on Monday, April 3 at 2pm in the Powell Brewery Tasting Room and will be heading out to select private liquor stores shortly thereafter.