Superflux Now Brewing at Strathcona; Happyness Available in Tall Cans

Vancouver’s Superflux Beer Company is what is known as a gypsy brewer, which is a brewery with no fixed abode. They don’t own their own facilities, but rather rent time and space in an established brewery, sell their product, and move on. This was the model followed by such craft beer giants as Mikkeller and Evil Twin for a long time.

They were founded at East Vancouver’s Callister Brewing incubator as Machine Ales, then once their one-year term ended they changed their name to Superflux (due to a copyright issue) and hit the road.

For a long time they were brewing out of Dogwood Brewing and releasing such wonderful beers as their Colour & Shape hazy East Coast IPA and Happyness IPA, which is sort of an East Coast / West Coast mash-up. These beers were highly sort after and hard to find—people would go to liquor stores that received stock and just buy them out within hours!

However, a couple of months ago it was rumoured that for some reason they were no longer brewing at Dogwood. Their beer became even harder to find (the dark times) and every beer nerd had a different rumour on where they would be brewing next.

Well, fans rejoice, because it was revealed today that for the last few weeks they have been brewing a new batch of Happyness at East Vancouver’s Strathcona Beer Company and cans are available there today!

As an added bonus, they have switched from 355ml cans to 473mls, so there’s even more to enjoy. I’m not sure how this will affect the price, as the small cans were already quite expensive.

While I liked the rough-and-ready look of the old labels, these new ones are pretty damn cool! If you see them in liquor stores, grab them while you can, because this stuff is like star dust!