Saltspring Island Ales Releases 2017 Batch of Spring Fever Gruit

IMG_20170401_170133Saltspring Island Ales has released a new batch of their Spring Fever gruit.

Not sure what a gruit is? Well, it’s a sort of proto-ale that was phased out in Europe between the 11th and 16th century. While gruits and beer are brewed with thee of the same ingredients—water, yeast, and grain—instead of hops, they used a number of different bittering and flavouring agents, including weet gale, mugwort, yarrow, ground ivy, horehound, heather, and more.

This one was developed with the help of Saltspring’s Wild Seeds School of Herbal Studies. It uses wild-crafted herbs and a little “lunar magik,” i.e. it was brewed on the full moon, which is said to maximize botanical essences.

You can find it available on the shelves of select liquor stores in BC.